mjjzfThis is the site of Morten Juhl-Johansen Zölde-Fejér.

The author is a writer aspiring to be inspiring and inspired.

  • Born on November 25th, 1976 in Nyborg, Denmark.
  • Currently based in Valby, Denmark - working for the capital City of Copenhagen.
  • Married to Juliánna, father of Matthias and Izabel.
  • Beast of literary burden: The son of a school teacher and a librarian. So I read. After moving I don’t have too many books, but I have a lot on my Kindle (which I wrote about here). I listen to audiobooks, too - mostly from Podiobooks.
  • A BA degree in Russian Language, History and Literature - based on a thesis about the Russian Liberation Movement. To be translated into English and published under a CC license At Some Point(tm).
  • GNU/Linux user with a personal preference for Slackware, but usually running other Linux versions beside Slackware.
  • Linguist by trade and inclination: Besides knowing Russian, interested in Esperanto due to ideals and an elegant construction, Arabic due to working with refugees and Japanese due to overdosing on medieval Japan in the teenage years.
  • Fencing at Frederiksberg Slot Fencing Club.
  • I occasionally play chess at Gameknot under the usual nick mjjzf. Feel free to challenge me.
  • Previously a teacher of languages and technology.
  • Software translator.
    Danish translator of the word processor Abiword,  the Kimai timetracking system, the ReText Markdown-based editor, the wxBanker personal finance application and the Heybuddy Identi.ca client. I contribute to the Danish translation of the tools developed by the Manjaro Linux distribution and the excellent ownCloud system.
    Was active in proofreading the translation of Xfce desktop environment.


My email is my first name, an @ sign and the writtenandread.net domain, although email address-harvesting spammers can contact me at [email protected].

I also have a LinkedIn profile.