This is the tiny, tucked away Slackware section at Written and Read.

Slackware 14.0 with Openbox & Tint2

This site is not going to go into technology that much; but just as a reference - Slackware is the oldest actively maintained Linux distribution and the preferred operating system of your host here.
Slackware is a private operation, but there is a great community around the distribution - so comments can be asked in the Slackware forum at LinuxQuestions.

Slackware has a limited software selection. Therefore, a lot of people use Slackbuilds for access to additional software.

I work with the following applications:

From the behind-the-scenes-toolbox category:

  • Sakura (terminal application)
  • Dmenu (I use dmenu_run as the runbox)
  • Slock (as a screenlocker. Less annoying than Xlockmore and using Xscreensaver)
  • Openbox (window manager) - documentation from Urukrama
  • Tint2 (panel)

Interesting applications I keep an eye on:

  • Arora
  • Google Chrome/Chromium
  • Midori

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